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Event photographer and videographer covering socio-cultural initiatives, festivals, and nightlife. I am also available for portraits, weddings, and set photography. Contact me for information about availability and pricing.
Recent festivals:

Human rights film festival and international forum on human rights (FIFDH)

Mapping Festival
Electron Festival
Human rights film festival and international forum on human rights (FIFDH)
For neighbourhood associations and NGOs, including:

Pré en Bulle
- Beaulieu en Été
- Préau Bulle
- Beaulieu en Campagne

Paris Lit Up Open Mic
Spoken Word Paris
Nightlife, parties, and concerts, including:

Electron Festival
Mapping Festival
Nuits Poulpe

As a social anthropologist and photographer, my research focusses on questions tied to the image, and to its use as a tool for social dialogue.

Looking to dig into this subject, I completed a Masters in the anthropology and sociology of development at the Graduate Institue of International and Development Studies of Geneva (IHEID) in 2014. 

My thesis, entitled Stirring up Atrocity: Photography and Conflict Transformation in Kenya, explores the manners by which journalistic photographs of the 2007/8 post-election violence in Kenya, exhibited by cultural actors after the signature of the power-sharing agreement, generated a space for socio-political dialogue around violence, citizenship, the concept of nationhood.

Currently, my research - published in part on the platform Gauge, is articulated around the movements of refugees and migrants in the Balkan corridor and Greece, as well as the social and political dynamics surrounding the question of asylum in Switzerland and France.

I pay particular attention to the figure of the independent volunteer, primarily European citizens, and their negotiations with notions of identity, of the political, and of the social, including their reactions to their own interventions and experiences. I am currently producing a documentary film fog two Swiss volunteers who join the shore patrol teams coming to the assitance of refugees arriving from Turkey, on the Island of Chios (in post-production).

Research path and recent publications:

Images of Exception/Exceptional Images
Conference speaker

Photography in Movement: Exercises in "Looking Past" in the Balkan Corridor. Intervention on taking images, positioning, and the ethics of the artist-research and documentarists in a context of humanitarian emergency.

2014 - 2016
Gauge Platform  
Co-founder, photographer, videographer, writer

Collaborative platform for visual research, and association seeking to support the activities of artist-researchers and documentarists through a slow-journalism approach.

Stirring up Atrocity n°1-n°6

Paris Lit Up Magazine, Issue 3, 2015, Paris Lit Up Press, pp. 84-93.

Experimental essay blending a series of images on urban transformation in Nairobi and excerpts of Stirring up Atrocity: Photography and conflict transformation in Kenya.

Deconstructing the i
Ansociety Graduate Institute, Geneva

Interactive photographic exhibition showing images taken by students "in the field" in order to stimulate discussion on the ethics of image-taking and distribution.

2012 - 2014
Masters in the anthropology and sociology of development
Graduate Institute, Geneva

Thesis: Stirring up Atrocity: Photography and Conflict Transformation in Kenya

Masters thesis, under the direction of Pr. Riccardo Bocco.

Images in Spoken Word
Au Chat Noir, Paris

Exposition photographique d'une étude sur l'expression, portraits d'artistes récitant leurs oeuvres pour la première fois devant un publique. Photo de couverture et publication d'une série d'images dans le magazine The Bastille, n°1.

2009 - 2011 
UNDP Community Safety & Security project, Somalia

Analyst, Saferworld

Qualitative analysis and writing of the Crime and Victimization District Baseline Assessments for Galkayo and Burao. Regional conflict analyses.

Intern, UNDP Somalia

Development of the knowledge management strategy for a consortium of 30 UN agencies, NGOs, government institutions and local associations working towards community safety and security.


Projects and works

Photographer, videographer and social anthropologist specialized in the development and humanitarian sectors, my work focusses on the interaction of art and documentation in the aims of inciting social dialogue on questions ranging from armed conflict to urban transformation.

Complementing my written research, my visual productions encompass documentary photography, to photographic and videographic experimentation in discovering different forms of visual narratives and their encounter with the public.

Cliquez les images pour visionner

Writer, photographer, videographer

A platform for visual research, Gauge is a collaborative project which has focused over 2015 and 2016 on refugee and migrant movements in the balkan corridor. Gauge seeks to support the projects of artist-researchers and documentarists.

Et Voilà (2015, 11:09)
Director, camerawoman, editor (collaborative project)

Et Voilà ('that's it) is an experimental ethnographic short discussing the conditions of an undocumented migrant and the group of flatmates who house him in opposition to prevailing Swiss migration laws. The film undertakes an "ethnography" of their house, as a manifestation of the absence of "our friend", who has been forced to leave Switzerland for legal reasons and for whom the date of return is unknown.

Screened at the Festival Plein Air à Voltaire 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nairobi Roads (2015)

The streets of Nairobi are both and private spaces, depending on where you're sitting. Vehicles saturate this rapidly growing metropolis, and provide a privileged, and often contrasted, view of urban life.

Series published in Paris Lit Up Magazine, Issue 3 (2015), as an experimental photo essay on the image and conflict (Stirring up Atrocity n°1-n°6, pp. 84-93).

Deconstructing the i (2013)
Conception and creation of the exhibit with Anety, the society of anthropology students of the Graduate Institute, Geneva.

Interactive photographic exhibition featuring images taken by students "in the field", seeking to incite a discussion amongst students on the ethics of image-taking, style, technique, and positioning.

Presse - recently published

I am a bilingual (native) French-English and English-French translator with 8 years experience in translation, editing, and revision of texts for a multiplicity of actors including governments, NGOs, UN agencies, researchers and the private sector.

With my experience in visual communication and web design, I offer a diversity of complementary services, so you can think of me as your one-stop-shop to prepare your texts for online, mulitimedia, or print publication !

Areas of expertise

development &
humanitarian response

security sector reform, protection efforts, peace-building, community policing...


criminology, anthropology and sociology,
conflict transformation and image theory

économie & secteur privé

international investment & trade, service and food industries

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translation & editing

  • Quality translation adapted to client needs
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  • Skilled editor and researcher (FR & EN)
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  • Application of text to dedicated platform (print, video/multimedia, web...)

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  • Reports, project documents, training manuals
  • Studies, theses, analyses
  • Marketing and communication tools, product descriptions, web content
  • Transcription & subtitling of audio-visual material

I create accessible websites that respond to your communication needs, and are simple to modify at any moment.

By creating themes that can be integrated into Wordpress, I take care of both the appearance and the content, providing you with a final product that is complete, and giving you the keys in hand to update your website easily and adapt it over time.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and choose the best approach for your new website ! Below are a few sites I've created recently:

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